At Muirfield School we use a clan-based system as a way of fostering a sense of belonging with peer groups, staff and the wider community of our school.   Each pupil is assigned to their own clan and members of staff are also allocated to a clan.

On a weekly basis pupils are rewarded with clan points when they demonstrate great work and a great attitude to their learning in all aspects of the school.  This includes the hidden curriculum (learning that takes place out-with the normal traditions of a classroom environment such as the school playground).

At the end of each week, the points of all clans are collated from Class Teachers and Clan Chiefs (leaders of the Clan) who help to tally up which clan has won.  The winning clan receives an extra fifteen-minutes morning breaktime as well as many other prizes as the school deems as appropriate.

Our Primary 7s each year are encouraged to apply to be Clan Chiefs and are asked to submit their letters to our Headteacher, Depute Heads and Principal Teacher for review.