At Muirfield School we use our clans to foster a sense of belonging with peer groups, staff and the wider school community.   Each pupil belongs to a clan; siblings always belong to the same clan. Members of staff are also allocated to a clan.


Pupils are rewarded with clan points when they demonstrate a commitment to the school rules, within school or in the playground. Clan points are also awarded during Clan Clash tournaments. These are recorded in their classroom. At the end of each term, the winning clan receives a clan reward – chosen by the Clan Chiefs.


Clan Chiefs

Being a clan chief is an important responsibility and an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Our Primary 7s  go through a formal application and interview process to choose the Clan Chiefs. Our Clan chiefs collect clan points and act as role models for other pupils. They are also responsible for showing visitors around the school, as well as other responsibilities as they arise.