Muirfield Curriculum

At Muirfield School, our children have many opportunities to play, learn and grow into Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

No two schools are the same.  At Muirfield School we recognise and celebrate this by adopting a curriculum based on the national Curriculum for Excellence, which is tailored to the needs and interests of the pupils based within our Mastrick community.

As well as a personalised curriculum, we strive to ensure social justice and inclusion for all of our pupils.   Our dedicated team at Muirfield work together to support children and develop their academic, social and wider skills so that they can be the best that they can be.  We now have a Breakfast Club which any child can join which has been PEF funded by the Scottish Government.

We have established a Targeted Support Team with Miss MacRae and Mrs Morrison supporting the learning and teaching across the curriculum.

We have a specialist Teacher of Music, Miss Thornton, who helps us to deliver an excellent curriculum in Music and Music Technology.

We have a specialist Teacher of Physical Education, Mr McCue, who helps to ensure that our children are thriving, healthy and physically active.

Our children have rich experiences across the curriculum by exploring, investigating and taking part in Science, Technology, Economical and Mathematical (STEM) activities, within the classroom and through the wider aspects programme of our school.   Recent developments have been in our children taking part in computer coding through innovations such as Scratch.

Our children are supported to recognise their talents and successes in literacy and numeracy through a variety of ways.

Take a look at our school curriculum breakdown by exploring the areas of the Curriculum for Excellence that we embed within our school.