Our curriculum

At Muirfield School, our children have many opportunities to play, learn and grow into successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

No two schools are the same.  At Muirfield School we have developed a unique curriculum based on the national Curriculum for Excellence, tailored to the needs and interests of the pupils within our Mastrick community. We believe our curriculum is creative, innovative and aspirational.

We provide enriching experiences across the curriculum through our innovative three-year thematic cycle of interdisciplinary learning. Children are encouraged to explore, experiment, discuss, debate and learn in a variety of active ways across the curriculum. We are developing a programme of outdoor learning opportunities to enhance children’s experiences in literacy and numeracy.

We are lucky to have specialist teachers to provide quality teaching in specific areas of the curriculum: Mr McCue, our P.E. specialist provides two hours of quality Physical Education to all classes each week. He runs various lunchtime and after school clubs, helping to ensure that our children are thriving, healthy and physically active. Miss Thornton is our music specialist, delivering music to all classes and running our school choir.

We strive to ensure social justice and inclusion for all of our pupils. We have a dedicated Targeted Support team who provide additional support for those pupils who need a little extra help to achieve academically or socially. Any additional support is reviewed regularly and progress tracked closely.