Vision, values and aims

At Muirfield our shared vision is:

Nurturing Ambition for Success

This is based on our values of:

Resilience, Creativity, Cooperation, Motivation, Reflection, Nurture, Independence

which we develop through use of our Learning Superheroes

  • The Resilienator
  • Incredible Creator
  • Captain Cooperation
  • Master Motivator
  • Inspector Reflector
  • Nifty Nurturer
  • Indie Pendent

Our Aims:

  • To maintain a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing environment for all pupils, parents and staff to ensure everyone feels part of the Muirfield School community.

    To understand the individuality of each child by taking an active interest in their personal and academic growth and provide appropriate next steps.

    To plan together learning opportunities which are fun, engaging and diverse to capture the imagination of our school community and foster a passion for learning now and beyond.

    To nurture ambition and set high standards through participation in self-reflection and celebrate our successes.

Partnership with parents is central to achieving our aims.  We offer various opportunities  throughout each session for you to be involved in your child’s learning and the life of the school. We look forward to working with you!