Vision, values and aims

At Muirfield our shared vision is

Building firm foundations for success together.

This is based on our values of:

Respect      Aspiration     Resilience     Cooperation     Fun


Our Aims:

  • to provide a nurturing environment where children can develop respect for themselves, each other, their community and the wider world, and who are equipped with the skills to meet the challenges they face as they develop and grow. 
  • to provide a rich and exciting curriculum which engages and motivates children, and through which every child can develop as an individual and achieve their full potential.
  • to provide opportunities for every child to feel part of and be able to contribute actively to their school, local and global communities.
  • to develop resilient, responsible, confident and independent children with a love of learning who aspire to do well.
Partnership with parents is central to achieving our aims.  We offer various opportunities  throughout each session for you to be involved in your child’s learning and the life of the school. We look forward to working with you!